Gagan Pratap Maths Book 8000 PDF

Gagan Pratap Maths Book 8000 PDF: Hello friends welcome to my blog. Through today’s post, I am providing you all Gagan Pratap Maths Book 8000 PDF of SSC. Many students were requesting about this book that its PDF format should be made available.


Gagan Pratap Maths Book 8000 PDF

Let us tell you that the demand for Gagan Pratap Maths Book Chapter Wise 8000 Book is very high. And this book has been recently launched by Gagan Pratap Sir. In this book, all the math questions asked by TCS in 2018 onwards have been included. All the students preparing for SSC must do this book as you all know.

The weightage of Maths is very high in SSC Pre and Mains exam. And in this book all their questions have been included from all the exams conducted by PCS after 2018. Therefore, in all the upcoming exams, you will get all the questions on this pattern. This book covers all SWIFT and all exam questions like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and CDS Exam etc. After reading all these questions, your practice becomes very good. With which you will be able to perform very well in your exam and will be able to score very high in your match.

Gagan Pratap Maths Book Chapter Wise

Under this book, questions from all the exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and CDS Exam have been included. Gagan Pratap Circle SSC This book covers the questions of all the post 2018 exams conducted by TCS. And those questions have been answered in a very short way and short tricks should also be used, which will make it very easy for you to solve the questions.

Book Name Gagan Pratap Maths Book Chapter Wise Pdf Download
Author Name math
Format PDF
Size MB
Pages 1220
Language English and Hindi

Gagan Pratap Maths Book 8000 PDF Download

You all can also follow Gagan Pratap sir’s YouTube channel. There he keeps on coming up with good questions from time to time on different topics. In his videos, he often uses the method short trick to ask any question and the method which takes the easiest and least time is understood by the student.

Contents of Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF

Chapter 1. Number System
Chapter 2. Simplification
Chapter 3. Surds & Indices
Chapter 4. LCM & HCF
Chapter 5. Percentage
Chapter 6. Profit & Loss
Chapter 7. Discount
Chapter 8. Simple Interest
Chapter 9. Compound Interest
Chapter 10. Ratio & Proportion
Chapter 11. Mixture & Alligation
Chapter 12. Partnership
Chapter 13. Average
Chapter 14. Time & Work
Chapter 15. Pipe & Cistern
Chapter 16. Time, Speed & Distance
Chapter 17. Boat & Stream
Chapter 18. Algebra
Chapter 19. Trigonometry
Chapter 20. Height & Distance
Chapter 21. Geometry
Chapter 22. Co-ordinate Geometry
Chapter 23. Polygon
Chapter 24. 2D-Mensuration
Chapter 25. 3D-Mensuration
Chapter 26. Miscellaneous
Chapter 27. Data Interpretation

About The Author of

Gagan Pratap is considered a very well known teacher in the field of SSC. Gagan Pratap has come in the field of teaching in SSC since the year 2016 and he has included his name in very good teachers in a very short time. Gagan Pratap’s name comes in the few selected good teachers of SSC. Gagan Pratap teaches in both online and offline mediums. Any student who wants to study online from him can take his online career on him. Gagan pratap head course is done you can follow it

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